Tea-Caddy by Ronnefeldt

Tastes just like loose tea, is loose tea but comes ready-portioned for the teapot, Tea-Caddy® is the acclaimed Ronnefeldt invention. The tea comes in a large filter made of natural fibres so that it can fully unfold and release its flavour. Your tea consultant would be pleased to help you put together a personal selection for your guests.

Tea-Caddy by Ronnefeldt
13040 ASSAM BARI An extravagant broken with a multitude of golden tips and the richest of aromas: strong, spicy and malty.
13050 1 ENGLISH BREAKFAST A gentle Ceylon tea with the unmistakable sparkling and lively flavour of the island.
13060 1 EARL GREY A richly aromatic autumn Darjeeling blended with the refreshing citrus aroma of bergamot.
13020 1 SPRING DARJEELING* A first plucking from the southern slopes of the Himalayas. Premium tea with a gentle and delicately flowery aroma.
13030 1 DARJEELING* SUMMER GOLD This outstanding summer plucking has a flowery elegance and a deliciously well-balanced aroma.
13150 1 FRUITY CAMOMILE A deliciously wholesome infusion with the gentle sweetness of orange petals.
13090 1 SWEET BERRIES Beautifully sweet berries spread their heady aroma over native fruits.
13140 1 REFRESHING MINT The typical flavour of mint with a new dimension in freshness with lemon grass.
13110 1 CREAM ORANGE A full-bodied rooibos with the creamily gentle aroma of vanilla.
New product Organic Level Slightly heaped Heaped Portion per teapot 0.4l (2 - 3 cups) Time of brewing