Teavelope by Ronnefeldt

This attractive teabag is packaged in a sachet made of eco-friendly film. This sachet is sealed to keep fragrance and flavour in and moisture out so the tea can retain the fine nuances nature endowed it with. The filter paper is large-pored so the leaves are completely immersed and the string is knotted without any metal clips. These are all Ronnefeldt benefits – alongside the many different varieties – that you can profit from.

Teavelope by Ronnefeldt
15040 1 VERBENA An unusual herbal infusion with many essential oils and the fine taste of lemons.
15070 1 LEMON SKY® The fruity explosion of freshness: lively, refreshing and lemony with lemon juice and lemon grass.
15030 1 SILVER LIME BLOSSOM Delicate blossoms with the mild and creamy sweetness of honey – relaxing and aromatic with essential oils.
New product Organic Level Slightly heaped Heaped Portion per teapot 0.4l (2 - 3 cups) Time of brewing